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INK Media - A Europe based multilingual SEO agency.

We worked with INK Media to update their branding and re-imagine their website. INK is a global provider of SEO solutions and digital marketing. With native teams spread across the globe and clients spanning a wide range of industries. They are a fast-paced and vibrant company using the latest techniques to aid businesses in their digital goals, and we wanted to create a bright and youthful identity that engaged potential clients and made INK stand out from the crowded market.

PROJECT SCOPE: Branding, Icon Design, Digital Illustration, Website Design.

We sort to cut through the often bland and jargon-filled SEO world with stand out illustrations, contemporary colour choices and bold use of graphic elements. After working on the logo update, which encompassed a more abstracted, digital and fluid mark compared to the previous logo, we moved on to create a library of bespoke icons and illustrations that solved the problem of a lack of dynamic stock imagery for SEO services. Through using illustrations and icons we were able to illustrate any of INK's services in a clear and imaginative way.


We worked visualising the new website and collaborated with developers to bring the final vision to life.

Upsurge Studio graphic design logo design icon design branding icons

As Ink regularly reports to clients on their campaign progress we work creating bespoke slide illustrations and templates for Powerpoint presentations and have delivered; stationary, business cards and promotional materials to supplement their new branding.


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