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Every business is different so shouldn't your branding be? 

Our Clients are at the centre of everything we do and whether you ask us for a new identity, or for something encompassing your existing branding, we work hard to make sure that what we produce matches your values, personality and resonates directly with your target audience. 

Everything we create is designed completely bespoke for you and your business. We believe you should look like you, not like us.


Case Studies

PROJECT SCOPE: Branding, Catalogue, Illustration, Stationery, Social Media Templates.
PROJECT SCOPE: Wholesale Catalogue, Illustration, Packaging, Ecommerce Website, Printed Collateral, CRM Email Design, Social Media Templates, Vehicle Livery.
PROJECT SCOPE: Rebrand, Packaging, Icon Design, Stationery, Social Media Templates, Ecommerce Website, CRM Email design.
PROJECT SCOPE: Icon Design, Social Media Design and Curation, Printed Collateral, Video Editing, Ecommerce Website Styling, Photography, High End Photo Editing, CRM Email Design.
PROJECT SCOPE: Branding, Icon Design, Digital Illustration, Website Design.
PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Expansion, Icon Design, Printed Collateral, Website Design.
PROJECT SCOPE: Icon Design, Social Media Templates, Ecommerce Website, High End Photo Editing.
PROJECT SCOPE: Rebrand, Icon Design, Social Media Templates, Ecommerce Website, CRM Email Design.
PROJECT SCOPE: Branding, Ecommerce Website Styling, Social Media Templates, Photography, High End Photo Editing.
PROJECT SCOPE: Branding, Icon Design, Typography Design, Website Design.

What are our clients saying?

"When I decided to rebrand my wedding planning business I hired Steph to help me with everything design related. I was extremely impressed from our initial Zoom call: she took the time to write down all my ideas, came up with really creative ideas, and just got exactly where I wanted to go with my brand. When she came back with the finished product I was absolutely amazed. Steph created on 'paper' what was only in my head."

Carolina, Your Italian Wedding Planner - Visual Identity /  Logo Design & Illustration / Brochure & Stationery Design / Social Media Template Design

'I can't wait to meet you and learn about your business dreams.'


Ready to create something
that stands out?

I'd love to hear more about your business! Book in for a discovery call with me.

On our call we will discuss your vision for your brand, project goals and parameters, timeline and anything else we need to start the process of understanding and teasing out your brand essence. 

Our Offerings

Brand Identity Design  /  Print Asset Design  / Brand Creative Curation  /  Icon and Vector design  /  Luxury Photography Editing  /  Digital Illustration  /  Digital Templates and CRM Design  /  Website Design and Assets 

Take a look at behind the scenes at the studio...

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