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Billboardeo - An 'out of home advertising' search engine.

Billboardeo is a search engine that lists billboards on an interactive map allowing advertisers to easily find their ideal location for advertising and book slots.


We were tasked with creating a cohesive identity that felt appropriately polished to sit comfortably along side other tech companies but with a friendly inviting feel. After being shown the tool we knew it was important that the branding highlighted the the tools easy to use interface and streamlined approach.

PROJECT SCOPE: Branding, Icon Design, Typography Design, Website Design.

Using a combination of rounded graphic elements in striking colors we created branding that references geography and map tools, whilst still maintaining a modern professional look. The logo features custom typography designed to feel conversational in tone, playing up to the tools intuitive design and encompassing the map marker icon shape used as a short hand for the fall logo.


Custom icons were designed for use on the website and graphics were created to mirror the new branding and create a strong identity. As with all our branding projects, a system was designed to offer guidance for ongoing design work. 

The final look is a cohesive brand identity that references the company's simple streamlined approach and intuitive user interface. The custom-designed typography, vibrant graphics, and custom icons all contribute to a professional look and feel that is consistent with the tech industry whilst feeling approachable.


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