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That Rebel House -
A vibrant home
textiles retailer.

Sarah, approached us looking for a way to increase conversion and create a unified brand look and feel that accurately captured the artisan quality of That Rebel House's colourful handmade, and vintage textiles.

We started by refreshing the existing logo incorporating elements that better reflected the handmade and artisan quality of That Rebel House's products. We created a new monogram mark that highlighted intricate weaving and textile techniques, with a handcrafted finish. Designed to work in clashing colours to add the rebellious modern flair Sarah was looking for.

PROJECT SCOPE: Rebrand, Icon Design, Social Media Templates, Ecommerce Website, CRM Email Design.

We then focused on the website redesign and other customer touchpoints to bring overall cohesion to the brands creative. Whilst focusing on improving the customer journey around the website, we included better filters to allow customers to easily browse and find the products they are looking for, and implemented a better mobile layout to improve the user experience for customers browsing the site on their mobile devices. For the design we incorporated layering of colours and patterns, which is a key feature of That Rebel House's vibrant, colourful, and eclectic style.

We also worked on creating CRM ecommerce emails informing customers of sales and increasing revenue. We created illustrated highlight icons for social media, as well as post and story templates, to create a consistent brand identity across all touchpoints. To further this consistency, we also worked on printed collateral, including postcards and stickers, that helped to promote That Rebel House's unique aesthetic.

By refreshing the branding, redesigning the website for an improved customer journey, and improving frequency and design of emails, we were able to help That Rebel House stand out in the crowded home decor market and bring everything together to create one united visual language.


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