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Freckleface Home Fragrance - Luxury handmade home fragrance retailer.

Freckleface, a home fragrance brand, was expanding into natural bath products, and approached us to help with their branding and marketing. The brand's focus was on natural extracts and botanicals that inspired their products, and they wanted to convey this through their packaging and marketing materials.

PROJECT SCOPE: Wholesale Catalogue, Illustration, Packaging, Ecommerce Website, Printed Collateral, CRM Email Design, Social Media Templates, Vehicle Livery.

We worked closely with Freckleface to create packaging for many of their products to fit into their existing collections. We also designed print collateral for in-store posters, mailouts, thank-you postcards, and product catalogues. Hand-drawn botanical illustrations were created to expand upon the brand's natural and botanical style, adding a unique touch to the packaging, website and marketing materials.

We moved the website on with a better filtering systems that made it easy for customers to find and purchase products, streamlined product photography, adding a lighter more contemporary feel, whilst still using the brands signature dark charcoal black and greens. We also created social media and email templates for the team to use in their marketing

Working with Freckleface was a great opportunity to help a local brand expand their branding while staying true to their natural and botanical focus. We are proud to have been part of their success.


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