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MAHI Leather - International luxury leather goods retailer.

MAHI Leather are an international sustainable luxury leather company, who pride themselves on providing handmade leather goods using ethical and sustainable practices. Working one on one with the team at MAHI Leather on a daily basis since 2018 from their head offices means we have been able to create a vast library of assets for their large international campaigns and help co-ordinate product development and marketing as one streamlined team.

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Upsurge studio graphic design social media design curation video editing photography conte
PROJECT SCOPE: Icon Design, Social Media Design and Curation, Printed Collateral, Video Editing, Ecommerce Website Styling, Photography, High End Photo Editing, CRM Email Design.

Over the last few years we have refreshed the branding and website for an elegant more user friendly experience, that highlights the brands timeless appeal and ethical practices.  Designing the creative assets across multiple customer touch points including stationary and packaging, website, online market place design and social media creation and curation as well as creating promotional material, and catalogues and aiding in the product design process with specification sheets and digital mockups.


We also joined the MAHI team in India to film the new MAHI behind the scenes video and snippets of the handmade process, as well as building a library of photography to be used on social media and their website.

We're always busy in the background producing product and lifestyle photography and film working in both the studio, and out and about with models for unlimited use across their digital presence. The images are retouched by us and used on a variety of platforms including in creative CRM email campaigns that continue to drive sales, and in the design and curation of their Social Media presence and e-commerce website. 

Gif and video creation for social media grahic design upsurge studio
Upsurge studio graphic design content creation video editing social media marketing design

Camilla - MAHI Leather 

"We've worked with Steph for over four years and she's been instrumental in taking the design and branding of our projects to the next level. She's extremely honest, hard working and a pleasure to work with. We hope to work with her for many years to come."


'I can't wait to meet you and learn about your business dreams.'


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