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Lords Guidance- A modern Faith inspired Jewellery store.

We recently worked with a modern Christian jewelry brand that is committed to building a more inclusive and progressive Christian community. Their mission is to give back to the world by championing a different charity each month and building the largest faith gift store online. Our brief was to create new branding that would reflect the premium nature of their new product ranges and appeal to more stylish customers.

PROJECT SCOPE: Branding, Ecommerce Website Styling, Social Media Templates, Photography, High End Photo Editing.

When creating the logo design and choosing the overall aesthetic for the brand we were sure to keep  modern, stylish and sustainable at the center of our designs. We incorporated muted and natural earthy tones to help to convey a sense of community, place and service. And used minimalist styles to reflect the new premium range. We then worked on creating imagery and graphics for the website, as well as page layouts and social media templates that matched the new branding.

The new branding successfully positioned the client as a modern, fresh, and welcoming brand that offers stylish and high-quality religious jewelry.

jewelry brand minimalist logo icon vector graphic design premium branding boutique consult

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