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Luna & Leaf -
Premium health and wellness brand.

Ed, the owner of Luna & Leaf, a health and wellness brand specialising in UK grown nootropics, was looking for a brand refresh to reflect his products price points and build a sense of trust whilst differentiating Luna & Leaf in a marketplace saturated with misinformation.  

We started by creating branding and packaging design that tapped into a more sophisticated cosmetic industry look that was more in keeping with the product's price points, and demographic. And reflected the calming and rejuvenating properties of the supplement, with a nod to the scientific research in a bold blue.

PROJECT SCOPE: Rebrand, Packaging, Icon Design, Stationery, Social Media Templates, Ecommerce Website, CRM Email design.

We sort to create a unique, instantly recognisable brand that stood out from the crowd and worked on new packaging that elevated the bottle to encourage consumer behavior, encouraging the supplement to be placed proudly on a bedside table, thus promoting frequent use, allowing for a routine to be created which was crucial to achieving the best results from using the supplement.

We also worked on a new website with better sales funnels and a range of different automated email flows and CRM campaign templates to help drive sales and engage the Luna & Leaf community. We designed the website to be more user-friendly by bringing the product forward shortening the customer journey, and restructuring resources highlighting factual information and the brands knowledgeable expertise in the industry.


New allergy and benefit icons were created to further this professional feel and we developed graphics showcasing scientific research to build trust, and lifestyle content that resonated with the target audience, to expand and engage the Luna & Leaf community on social media.

The refreshed branding and packaging design helped differentiate Luna & Leaf, and helped better position them to grow. The new website and sales funnels made it easy for customers to purchase products and the new social media graphics helped build trust in the brand and engage the Luna & Leaf community


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