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Pink Pepper Studio - Handmade bridal and dance shoe retailer.

Consuelo, came to us with the challenge of expanding her brand to attract more bridal customers. Specializing in handmade, made-to-measure high heels from Italian artisans, she had begun working on her website but needed help to bring it all together and felt like her branding needed further development. Our goal was to help Consuelo build a brand that would reflect the quality and luxury of her shoes, positioning her to attract more bridal customers.

PROJECT SCOPE: Icon Design, Social Media Templates, Ecommerce Website, High End Photo Editing.

We started by refreshing the existing branding with a new softer colour palette and visual language that would reflect the elegant and luxurious style of the shoes. We ensured that the products were front and center on the updated website, with clear and high-quality product photography to showcase the unique design of the shoes. We also provided Consuelo with social media templates and highlight icons that would maintain the consistency of the brand identity across all touchpoints.

With the updated branding and website, Consuelo was able to better position herself in the market as a provider of high-quality, handmade, and made-to-measure bridal shoes. The new brand style reflected the elegance and luxury of the shoes, while also being minimalist and accessible.

Our focus for the website design was to make it easy for customers to navigate and find what they were looking for as well as implementing clear and concise product descriptions with keywords and high quality images, providing a great customer experience. Our social media templates and highlight icons also helped Consuelo to maintain consistency in her brand identity and attract more customers to her website.


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